1. Now prevails – focus on the task at hand.

2. Ecstasy –  go beyond any outside stimuli.

3. Inner clarity – What to do and how well your’e doing.

4. Achievement – your skills match the task.

5. Serenity – transcend ego, be selfless.

6. Relativity –  hours pass by in minutes.

7. Intrinsic motivation – practice is the reward.


IgNight begins at noon on Friday, April 27th, 2018 and ends at 5pm on Sunday, April 29th, 2018. Classes will run during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You’re invited to practice all those fancy new Ninja moves at the nightly spin jam area. An eclectic selection of flow music from sunset until 2am, will keep you in the flow.

Spring in Joshua Tree desert is perfect for outdoor classes. At night the Black Rock Observatory will be showing beautiful views of Saturn and other amazing deep sky objects.

There will be restrooms available throughout the area.

Showers are also available near the campground.

ADA Access at IgNight

Ignight Flow retreat is dedicated to making flow arts accessible to all. This year we are excited to put in the extra effort to offer and provide ASL access to the Deaf community. We will have ASL interpreter volunteers for requested workshops and at all fire safety courses, we will offer flow classes taught in ASL and possibly a Deaf instructor and performer Hula Bella!

Contact to RSVP and request an interpreter for your preferred activities and let us know how we can serve you!

This is an alcohol free event.

Seriously, we mean it…

No open containers allowed.

Plan on bringing:

1) Your ticket confirmation and a photo id.
2) Enough food and beverages for your whole group. (There will be some food vending, but you should bring some too.)
3) A First-Aid kit and /or any medication you need.
4) Warm change of clothes (It can get cold at night.)
5) Bedding and shelter (i.e. sleeping bags and tents.)
6) Flashlights
7) Sunscreen/sunblock and sunglasses
8) Earplugs
9) Lip balm
10) Garbage bags (Pack it in, pack it out!!!)
11) Please bring at least one gallon of Coleman’s White Gas to contribute.

Your dedication to share and learn from your peers will make this event special. Please be aware that as a community celebration, your participation is what will make it a success. We’ve been waiting for your contribution to make this event happen. It is specifically designed for you to learn and practice the amazing benefits of the flow arts. This is the perfect nurturing environment to try all those complicated moves you always wanted to learn.

It’s a proven fact that brain plasticity is influenced by our daily exercises. Flow arts makes you more ambidextrous as you exercise both hemispheres of your body. The flow takes over and you start to meditate in motion. Your brain develops cohesion, where the left and right sides of your brain vibrate in unison.

To those who never attended a flow conference before, the instructors sometimes have a few pairs of props that you can use, but don’t depend on that for the workshops you plan to attend. Try to make sure you have the prop in hand to learn with. Several fire tool vendors will be showing their wares for you to buy at the festival.


As a community celebration, everyone is encouraged to film and photograph all the amazing moments at IgNight. The final review that teachers do at the end of classes is especially useful to record. Please share any video and photos that you record (and find amazing) with the IgNight crew. Help us make these available to everyone.

Send your videos and photos to:

Please be aware that not everyone likes to be filmed or photographed.


1) Always ask permission to record people.
2)  Don’t be stoopid…
3) Have fun.


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